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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What’s on my desk?

Though I didn’t realize it until this inventory, most of the things on my desk are talisman that I hope will lend me their magical powers while I write. I try to cover all my bases with a variety of charms.

I’ll skip all the usual stuff—pens, paperclips, books. Here’s my list:

Photo of my dad. His wristwatch.
He’s very happy in the photo because he’s catching a fish. A big one. The watch has a black face and a black leather strap. It’s very worn. He used to take it off and let me wear it when I was a kid, but only for a minute. He died recently. I ask him to send help from the other side.

Deck of cards
Solitaire is a great way to waste time and to tap into your unconscious simultaneously.

Evil Eye begone (not pictured)
Obvious reasons

Toothpick holder with a different swimsuit-clad Mexican movie star on each side
My girlfriend Carla gave it to me. She included a photo of herself, poolside. Before I stopped smoking many moons ago, I toked constantly while I was writing. Now when the going gets tough, a toothpick is a good substitute.

Bar coasters, lots of them
For all the water and the many cups of tea and coffee. Plus they’re good to wing across the room when I’m frustrated. My favorites are Lagunitas (dog’s head), Aziza (light blue circle) and the Kona Club (mermaid in a martini glass).

Candle (not pictured)
Code Blue help for the worst writing crises

A clay stashbox
I made it in Art class in the 11th grade. It was San Diego in the 1970s. Almost everyone in the class made a stashbox. The ones who didn’t made ashtrays.

My dog Leyla as a puppy
The adult version is usually sprawled on the floor beside me. If I’m really stuck, I lie down beside her. Her animal energy pushes my reset button.

Various stones, shells, bits of glass, and plant debris
For creative energy and inspiration. I don’t dust them as often as I should.

I’m addicted

That’s me. How about you? I’d love to know…

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